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Join The Swoop Team


While Swoop is the star of the show, it takes an entire team to bring our bird to life. We are always looking for fun, dedicated students with a passion for bringing school spirit with them wherever they go. From performing in costume, to planning events, and even ensuring Swoop is always safe, there are a variety of roles you can play in helping our mascot program run smoothly.

We are currently looking for Mascot Performers and Mascot Handlers. 

Keep in mind, Swoops identity is a secret, joining our team means maintaining confidentiality at all times.



Mascot performers bring the character to life! As Swoop you will bring fun and school spirit to those around you. Just like our Riverhawk, you’ll need to be in tip top shape; it’s a very physical (and hot!) job to take.

Performer Responsibilities:

Perform at various college and community events.

Pickup and drop-off of costume prior to each appearance.

Maintain in character while in costume.

Conceal the performer’s identity at all times, in and out of the costume!

Attend any necessary training sessions.

Ensure personal safety at all times!


Performer Requirements:

Performers must be current AACC students in good academic standing.   Performers will sometimes be required to provide their own transportation to and from specific events (events requiring travel will be noted upfront before accepting the event).   Performers must agree and sign a Mascot Code of Conduct and liability waiver. In addition, the following physical requirements must be met.

·         Height: Between 5’7” (67”) and 6’ (72”)

·         Shoe Size: Between Women’s Size 9 and Men’s Size 11 ½

·         Weight: Between 100 – 200 pounds

·         Wellness: Able to withstand temperatures of up to 115*

·         Fitness: Must be energetic and able to perform for up to 30 minute periods.


If you have what it takes, fill out our Mascot Team Application Form! (AACC login required)


Even if you can’t (or won’t!) get into the costume, you can still be a part of our team. Mascot Handlers walk alongside Swoop and help to spread the fun by assisting them in engaging with everyone around them. Keep in mind; it’s up to you to make sure Swoop stays safe!

Handler Responsibilities:

·         Assist Swoop in interacting with the audience.

·         Act as a voice for Swoop. (Birds can’t talk!)

·         Maintain a running knowledge of upcoming school and athletics events and share the information with anyone who asks.

·         Attend any necessary training sessions.

·         Conceal the mascot performer’s identity at all times.

·         Frequently check on mascot performer’s health during performances.

·         Assist mascot in hydrating and dressing during events.

·         Above all else, ensure the safety of yourself and the mascot performer!


Handler Requirements:

Like performers, handlers must be current AACC students in good academic standing. They will be required to accompany the mascot performer to designated events, some of which may require travel. Handlers must agree and sign a Mascot Code of Conduct that will include a confidentiality agreement.

If you want to join in on the fun, fill out our Mascot Team Application Form! (AACC login required)