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Jenkins Gymnasium

Named in honor of David S. Jenkins, superintendent of schools for Anne Arundel County (1946-1968) and founder of Anne Arundel Community College in 1961. 

Jenkins Gymnasium houses two retractable bleacher systems on opposing walls for a seating capacity of approximately 650.  There are six total basketball hoops that can be raised or lowered for a main court set up, or two smaller side by side courts.  

In addition to basketball, capabilities for a main volleyball court or two side by side volleyball courts are present as well. 

Various cosmetic upgrades including Riverhawk logo crash pads as well as the Riverhawk logo at the main center court were installed with the college’s mascot change in 2015.

Jenkins Gymnasium is proudly home to AACC’s Riverhawk women’s volleyball team and the men and women’s basketball teams.